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On Sun, 2003-10-26 at 00:56, BleedBlueAndWhite wrote:
> I am having problems regarding gtk+ and gtk2. On my RedHat 9.0, I have 
> gtk+-1.2.10-25 and gtk2-2.2.1-4. When I use: gtk-config --version, it 
> returns 1.2.10. I removed gtk+1.2.10 (rpm), downloaded gtk+-2.2.4 and 
> installed without any problem. Still gtk-config reported I have 
> gtk+-1.2.10. I then removed glib (rpm) and download glib-2.2.3 and, 
> again, installed without any problem. But no matter what, gtk-config 
> still reported I have gtk+-1.2.10.

Please read the faqs and tutorials on the gtk site.  They clearly
explain how to build programs using gtk2.  gtk 1.2.x and gtk 2.2.x will
not conflict and can coexist.  The script to get flags is:

pkg-config --cflags gtk+-2.0


pkg-config --libs gtk+-2.0

pkg-config replaces all the old "*-config" scripts with a consistent and
sane script that finds them all.  Be aware that you should install gtk2
from rpms.  If you don't then pkg-config won't find the flags unless you
explicitly point it at the place where gtk2 installed it's .pc file.


> I have some questions:
> (1) Is gtk+ and gtk2 same package? Can they install on the same machine?
> (2) Can I install gtk+ 1.2.x and gtk+ 2.2.4 on the same machine? I want 
> to use gtk+ 2.2.4 but it seems gnucash needs libgtk-1.2.
> (3) How to make gtk-config recognize new gtk+? Is there anything wrong 
> during the installation (./configure; make; make install)
> Thanks in advance,
> Martin
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