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Thanks for the information, but will gtk_widget_queue_draw()
cause all subelements in the window like spinbuttons to update if I do not capture the "draw" signal ? I use the callbacks for the "expose" signal to refresh the values of the spinbuttons, etc.

A parameter can vary form 1 to 100 and I want the spinbutton to show this value from this parameter when it changes in the program not only by interaction. I now how to set it from within the software, but I would like to ahve all callback function that react on "expose" events to be activated at once.

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John Cupitt wrote:

Yes, just call gtk_widget_queue_draw() for your window. It will invalidate the window and queue a redraw for all the widgets.
Peter Van Osta wrote:


I have a window in which there are several other elements, such as spinbuttons, combo boxes, etc. . There is one combo box which allows to choose a specific application which includes different settings for the spinbuttons, other combo boxes, etc.

I want to send one signal (if possible), such as an expose_event which I already use to show the current updated values if something has changed between windows after re-exposure. Is it possible to emit an "expose" signal to the main window, so it is propagated to its "chilren" ? Or do I have to emit signals to each one of the widgets in the main window ?

Best regards,

Peter Van Osta

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