Re: GTK TreeView Column Header Colors

* Tim Evans (t evans aranz com) wrote:
> It is possible, just not particularly obvious.  What you need to do is 
> call gtk_tree_view_column_set_widget, passing in your own label that is 
> set to display the column title.  Once the label is shown and realized, 
> call gtk_widget_get_parent three times, which should move up through a 
> GtkAlignment and a GtkHBox to give you a GtkButton.  This button is the 
> column header.  Calling gtk_widget_modify_bg on it will change the 
> background colour of the column header.

"not particularly obvious" is a bit of an understatement, but THANK YOU
very much for the information. I didn't realize you could do it that
way, but it does make sense now that I look at it.

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