Re: how to find out which fortname (as in xlsfonts) does "Sans 7" correspond?

Sven Neumann wrote:

Miernik <miernik ctnet pl> writes:

In the file /etc/gtk-2.0/gtkrc we put fornmaes in the format "Sans 7".
However fonts in X are generally known by names like

This format (XLFD) is only used in the PangoX backend which will soon
die.  No GTK+-2.0 application should be using it directly and X fonts
as you know them will soon be completely obsoleted and deprecated.

But the question may still be good: Given a font_name like "Sans 7", is there a way to find out which font Pango has chose to use? On some systems around here, even when my font_name is "Sans 14" Pango sometimes chooses a font that is very obviously not sans serif. Generally can be tracked down to a missing dir in the XftConfig file, but how would I ever know which font was really selected?

--Brett Granger

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