Re: Deprecation of gtk_progress_bar_set_bar_style()

On Tue, 2003-03-04 at 03:13, Tommy McDaniel wrote:
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> I'm trying to learn GTK at present (I'm currently
> reading the API Reference word for word; I probably
> won't remember squat when I'm done, but at least I'll
> have an idea of what can be done and where to look to
> remember how to do it), and the
> gtk_progress_bar_set_bar_style() function is said to
> be deprecated. I've searched through the GTK mailing
> lists trying to find anything about that function, but
> I couldn't find anything. Why is this function
> deprecated? Is there another, presumably better way to
> set whether the bar is discrete or continuous, or was
> that deemed by someone to be a stupid feature? That
> seems like a feature I myself would like.

Allowing to to be app-settable was deemed to be a stupid 

Why should some apps have progress bars that show discrete
blocks, and other apps have progress bars that are continuous?


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