Re: Howto monitor Window Manager Moving my Top Level Window - solved.

On Sat, 2003-06-07 at 21:17, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> For GTK 1.2, it's not likely that the changes will go in, simply
> because a GTK 1.2.11 is not expected to come out - 1.2.10 is the end
> of the 1.2 series.

You're right ... I don't even remember why I used 1.2.10 ... I will with
2.x now.

> For GTK 2.x, you have a whole new world (gtksocket.c is totally
> changed), but patches would probably be of interest. Keep in mind
> though that plug/socket are really only intended to work with embedees
> that support the XEMBED protocol, not with arbitrary toplevel windows.
Didn't know about socket/plug intended for embedding only apps that
support XEMBED ... I'll take a look at XEMBED ... Maybe it's worth while
to take a more general approach and make NEdit support XEMBED ...
> The way to submit a patch is to file it on
> including the patch in "diff -u" format as an attachment to the bug.
Thanks, will do that if I spot something in the 2.x gtksocket.c !

Thanks again ! 

Gal Aviel.
> Havoc
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