Re: mixing wrap-modes in text view

On Sun, Jul 20, 2003 at 01:23:19PM +0200, Morus Walter wrote: 
> OTOH I think the zero width nonjoiner (x200C) should allow word wraps at 
> positions where pango would see no word end otherwise. 
> Unfortunately it doesn't.
> Wouldn't that make sense? Could that be changed in pango?

I would expect it to work; see pango/pango/break.c

If it doesn't work I guess we'd have to debug it and see why not.

> > That's not going to work, no. In nowrap mode, no width is supplied to
> > Pango and no wrapping ever happens. You can maybe put in an explicit
> > line break though; there's a Unicode character called "LINE SEPARATOR"
> > that may work.
> > 
> Ok. But then I would have to calculate widths myself in order to know
> where to insert the link separator. Not a tempting option.

I don't really see a good change to the current codebase to address
this, really. Maybe if you dive into it you could come up with something.


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