Re: GTK2 problems after power cut


"Wedge_" <wedge__ fastmail fm> writes:

> This is a slightly strange problem, but I hope someone can help.
> Yesterday, for no apparent reason, all the lights in my house went off
> for about half a second. When I checked my comp, it had reset itself. I
> logged back in, and everything seemed fine, but none of the programs I
> use which were compiled with gtk2 support will work anymore, and they all
> fail with a similar error, which I have no idea how to fix. Running
> gkrellm2 gives:
> ** (gkrellm2:4455): CRITICAL **: file pango-color.c: line 952
> (pango_color_parse): assertion `spec != NULL' failed
> -:2: Invalid color constant '(null)'
> -:2: error: invalid string constant "#eee1b3", expected valid string
> constant
> Segmentation fault

Looks like a corrupted gtkrc-2.0 file.


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