Re: Help upgrading to GTK2.2

John Aldrich <john chattanooga net> writes:

> I have a RedHat 7.1 machine with most of the updates installed, and I can't 
> seem to upgrade to GTK2.2 because of all the dependencies. I'm up on GTK2.0 
> right now.
> Every time I try to install the dependencies, I get an error that 
> is needec by <package>, where <package> is one of the dependencies or 
> sub-dependencies for GTK 2.2. But the thing is, it *is* installed and I just 
> reinstalled it to make sure. I made sure that the path to the file 
> is in the file and re-ran ldconfig, but it still says that I need 
> that file installed and it's beginning to aggravate me.

Which packages are you trying to install?


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