Re: WIN32 build of a GTK2 app

Graham Swallow schrieb:
I'm trying to compile/link/run a GTK app on WIN32 (it works on Linux).
I'm using:


It links, but at run time says (in a popup dialog):

	Gtk-ERROR Incompatible build
	The code using GTK+ thinks GtkBox is of different
	size than it actually is on this build of GTK+
	On Windows ... without the -fnative-struct
	[or -mms-bitfields] switch, or ar using an unsupported
	compiler ...

So I go back to using the option and get the compile error:
	cc1plus.exe: unrecognised option '-fnative-struct'

Can someone please help me out here, what g++/msys works?


Todd Kuleza answered to a similar question on gimpwin-dev list:

I believe this option was renamed -mms-bitfield or -mms-bitfields for gcc 3.0.


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