Re: Changing [entire] background of a GtkTextView

On Sat, 2003-08-30 at 20:48, Vadim Berezniker wrote:
> Vadim Berezniker wrote:
> > I want to change the entire background of a GtkTextView to the 
> > background of its parent container. Using Tags, I can only change the 
> > background of the parts of the view with text.
> > Changing the background using the widget style has no effect. (The only 
> > thing that seems possible to change is the text color).
> > 
> > (Basically, I'm trying to have a fancier label using a GtkTextView)
> > 
> Anybody? I have looked through the GTK code and still have not found a 
> way. I really need this for a project I'm releasing soon.

If you just want a fancier label, why don't you use a gtk_image and draw
in the text?

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