Re: Porting Motif Application to GTK+

Robert Lugg wrote:
> I would like to port a Motif application to GTK+.  My question is how
> much of an effort is it?  I know that is hard to answer, but I am
> looking for a rule of thumb.

I moved a 50k line Motif application to gtk a year or so ago. It was 
pretty quick (a month or two?) to get something that ran. There are 
fairly straight equivalents for most widgets, except for XmForm.

Making your app look nice and be structured as a best-practice GTK app 
would be, is far, far more work :-( Also I imagine there would be pain 
if the Motif app uses much Xt, eg. translations in resource files.

On the upside, GTK is much quicker than Motif, partiularly for widget 
creation. I saw 10x speed ups for things like workspace load.


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