Writing a new widget - gtk_type_unique has been deprecated


I'm going through the tutorial on how to create a new widget.  The tutorial
indicates that every new widget needs to have a _get_type() function
(the tutorial function name is tictactoe_get_type()) 

In the tutorial, this function calls gtk_type_unique().  In an attempt to
understand exactly what tictactoe_get_type() is supposed to do, I looked up
gtk_type_unique() in the reference manual.  I found that not only is this
function deprecated but the entire GtkTypeClass, which is "the base
structure for all GTK+ types" has been deprecated
The reference manual, to the best of my knowledge, did not indicate what 
should be used instead.

My question is, therefore, what has taken the place of the GtkTypeClass and
associated types & functions?  Does anyone have an example of a widget
they created that uses the new types & functions?


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