Re: newbie: display HTML with GTK+ 2?

At 12:36 26/03/2002 +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:

Thomas Nichols <nx10mail yahoo co uk> writes:

> That would be great - what would you use in GTK 1.2? I can then find
> out whether the same approach might work in 2.0.

for GTK+-2.0, check out gtkhtml2:

Salut, Sven

Wow! HTML 4.01, CSS and DOM - very splendid. Now I've just got to work out some dependencies - from the docs: "Gtkhtml2 requires the CVS version of the following libraries (in this order): pkg-config glib pango atk gtk+ gnome-xml gnome-http" I'll go and investigate taking these to Win32.

Thanks and Regards,

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