Re: Window size

>  gdk_window_resize (GTK_WINDOW(MyWindow->window), width, height);
> (becauseMyWindow->window IS a GtkWindow).

Then if your window is a GtkWindow object, you should cast it :
gdk_window_resize(GTK_WIDGET(MyWindow)->window, width, height);

Respect the parenthesis as you need to cast your GtkWindow object in a
GtkWidget one. And once you casted it, you can access the window property of
your GtkWidget which is the GdkWindow corresponding to your object (take
care I said gDkwindow...)

> And it don't work ... :((

maybe written like above, it is going to work :-)

> Don't know if the fact that I don't use a gtk_main() or gtk_loop() or
> something change something, I think gdk_flush() do the work.

??? I'm not understanding you...

>  a window is typed as a GtkWindow is most of the cases I think, no ? :)

Well, I'm using only GtkWidget object, that I'm casting to the right type
when needed, so I find my data structure more coherent.


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