Re:newbie: display HTML with GTK+ 2?

That would be great - what would you use in GTK 1.2? I can then find out whether the same approach might work in 2.0.


At 09:07 26/03/2002 +0100, =?utf-8?Q?youssa voila fr?= wrote:
I havn't any idea about displaying HTML wuth GTK+2, But if you want, I can help you to display html in GTK+ 1.2 !
No idea also about GTK on Win32.
Youssa !

> Hi,
> I need an HTML widget for GTK+ 2.0 -- just for display, not editing. Which
> is the preferred way of doing this? I've seen info on gtkhtml, CscHtml and
> gtk-xmhtml : is there anything integrated into the main distro?
> Once I get something working for HTML with Linux I want to try it out for
> Win32 - I can't find much about this in the archives. Any pointers, anyone?
> Thanks a lot,
> Thomas.
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