Re: GTK 2.0 and egcs 2.91.66 - problem

On 2002.03.11 18:27:55 +0100 Owen Taylor wrote:
> Did they install without --nodeps? I'm quite surprised; Red Hat 7.2 is
> quiet different from the last release where we shipped egcs (6.2, I
> think.)
But you provide compat-egcs-6.2 packages :)
And I didn't install new gcc.
I use RH 7.2.

> Basically your problem is that installed headers from GLib are
> compiler specific; checks like G_HAVE_ISO_VARARGS are done when compiling
> GLib.
> You probably will have better luck if you grab the SRPMS and rebuild them
> with 'rpm --rebuild'.
After this little change I included in previous e-mail, everything works fine.



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