Re: GTK+-2.0.0 "release candidate" tarballs

Hi Owen (and everyone),

On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > 	a couple of months ago; so I'm more inclined to believe it isn't
> > the machine or OS' fault, but I could be mistaken.  Anyone else experience
> > this?  Thanks! 
> It's probably something wrong on our end; the "PangoX" backend
> should be built as long as you have the X libraries and header files
> installed:
>  - Did Pango build the PangoX backend -- i.e. do you have
>    $prefix/lib/ ? [ or whatever the library
>    name is on your system ]

	Yes, I have that.

>  - Do you have a $prefix/lib/pkg-config/pangox.pc file?

	Ah, no, I don't have that.  Should I copy that myself?  I don't
remember doing this ever in a previous version.

	Also, could you take another look at bug #73681?  I think it's
related since pango.pc did not appear in $prefix/lib/pkgconfig/ either and
I had to copy it over from my untar/gunzip directory.

	I never copied pango.pc or pangox.pc before, so I'm wondering
maybe something has changed since?  I'm using pkgconfig-0.8.0...not sure
if that's the one I should be using.



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