problem with pkg-config

I'm not sure if this is offtopic but I came across when isntalling gtk and its correcpondings libs glib pango etc ...

I installed the pkg-config-0.11 stuff into /usr/local and that worked fine
After I installed that I startetd to install the gtk libs

glib   -> /usr/local/apps/glib/
atk    -> /usr/local/apps/atk/
pango  -> /usr/local/apps/pango/
gtk    -> /usr/local/apps/gtk

running configure would complain about missing glib pkg ... I could solve the problem by copping the files in /usr/loacal/apps/glib/lib/pkgconfig to /usr/local/lib/pkgconfig the pkg-config manpages said the one could use PKG_CONFIG_PATH to specify a list of dirs for pkg-config to look for the *.pc files. Well this doesn seem to work. because after I added /usr/local/apps/glib/lib/pkgconfig to that variable ./configure still complains about missing glib. I tried to set PKG_CONFIG_PATH to /usr/local/apps/glib and /usr/local/apps/glib/lib but neither would work.

Does anyone know if its a bug in pkg-config not to use the variable or do I have to add an option enabling that variable at compiletimg (compiling pkg-config)


Christian Quast (Student at University of Bremen)

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