Re: GTK+-2.0.0 "release candidate" tarballs

Raymond Wan <rwan cs mu oz au> writes:

> Hi Owen (and everyone),
> On Wed, 6 Mar 2002, Owen Taylor wrote:
> > > 	a couple of months ago; so I'm more inclined to believe it isn't
> > > the machine or OS' fault, but I could be mistaken.  Anyone else experience
> > > this?  Thanks! 
> > 
> > It's probably something wrong on our end; the "PangoX" backend
> > should be built as long as you have the X libraries and header files
> > installed:
> > 
> >  - Did Pango build the PangoX backend -- i.e. do you have
> >    $prefix/lib/ ? [ or whatever the library
> >    name is on your system ]
> 	Yes, I have that.
> >  - Do you have a $prefix/lib/pkg-config/pangox.pc file?
> 	Ah, no, I don't have that.  Should I copy that myself?  I don't
> remember doing this ever in a previous version.
> 	Also, could you take another look at bug #73681?  I think it's
> related since pango.pc did not appear in $prefix/lib/pkgconfig/ either and
> I had to copy it over from my untar/gunzip directory.

Well, copying it over manually is _never_ right. If it doesn't get installed,
you need to figure out why it wasn't installed. (My guess would be
is that 'make install' in Pagno was dying rather than running to completion.)
> 	I never copied pango.pc or pangox.pc before, so I'm wondering
> maybe something has changed since?  I'm using pkgconfig-0.8.0...not sure
> if that's the one I should be using.

Well, there have bene various fixes since 0.8.0, but I don't think they
should matter... 0.8.0 should work fine. (There was a serious bug in
0.10 or 0.11 if your PKG_CONFIG_PATH ends in a trailing slash, but I
think that was introduced after 0.8.0)


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