Re: MDI In Gtk 2.0?

Le sextidi 16 ventôse, an CCX, Mark Jones a écrit :
>	 I am one who seeks MDI support from Gtk

Strictly speaking, Gtk has MDI: the Gimp offers a MDI interface, for
example. I think you are speaking about window in window (WiW), which is
a form of MDI.

> Whether MDI is a good or bad, apparently (and surprisingly to me) is 
> hotly debated.

The main problem with MDI/WiW is that it does not work friendly with
virtual desktops. What if I want one document on one desktop and one on
another? <troll>MDI/WiW is a not-so-good solution to have usable MDI
with the rudimentary windowmanager that comes with ms-windows.</troll>

>						     My personal goal is 
> to start a gnedit project, because the one thing I dislike about nedit 
> the most is the lack of MDI, even though it is still my favorite editor 

Please, do not make the MDI/WiW the _only_ MDI system.

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