Re: Retrieving data from a GtkList


I'm not using the GtkList but the GtkCList, maybe there are similar
function. Here is anyway the function I'm using for it (N.B.: I'm looking
for all the selected fields as my CList can handle multiple selection):

 GList       *pxGList    = NULL;
 ast_short    sLoop;

 /* Get the list of all the selected row out of the CList */
 pxGList = GTK_CLIST(lstMyList)->selection;

 pxGList = g_list_first(pxGList);
 sLoop = 0;
 while (pxGList != NULL)
  /* The arguments are CList, Row, Column, String   |    I guess you don't
need the column argument */
  gtk_clist_get_text(GTK_CLIST(lstMyList), GPOINTER_TO_INT(pxGList->data),
0, &pcMyString);

  pxGList = g_list_next(pxGList);

Best regards,
Jean-Christophe Berthon

Cap Gemini -- Ernst & Young
Skill IS -- Image Quality
Email: Jean-Christophe Berthon cgey com
Tel: (+33) 561 31 6671

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Subject: Retrieving data from a GtkList

> Hi...
> This time i found myself looking for a function to retrieve the text of
> a selected item i'm displaying in a GtkList but found none. Do i have to
> keep my string values (or any data i want to retrieve from the list) in
> a separate GList and then "mark" them with the same index used in the
> gtk_list_select_item function? I usually do stuff like that in Visual
> Basic since the MS bound controls are very unstable.
> rtriay
> :)
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