Re: How to change GtkEntry background

>I want to display some data in an array of Entry widgets, and I'd like
>to change the text background on a per-widget basis to represent a few
>bits of other data associated with each entry.  Is it possible?  I can
>only get a single-pixel-width line around the border to change colour,
>which is not very helpful.
>The colours have to change whenever the content changes.
>[What I'd _like_ to be able to do is something like
>  gtk_widget_set_named_style(my_widget, "foo")
>to make the widget use a style "foo" defined in an rc file]

you're working against the design of GTK+. it is intended that there
are 2 levels of connection, not 1, between a widget and a GTK RC file

* first, define the style and name it
* second, define what style to use for widgets with a certain name

so, in your case, you need a RC file like

    style "foo" {
       ... style definition ..
    widget "*Foo" style "foo"

and then in your code:

    gtk_widget_set_name (widget, "Foo");

the "*Foo" has an asterisk because the name of widget is actually a
period-separated concatenation of each nested container from the top
level window down to the widget itself. You might have a full widget
name of "GtkWindow.GtkHBox.GtkVBox.GtkFrame.Foo". By using "*Foo", you
don't have to worry about how or where your widget is packed.


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