Re: help with text wrapping on a GtkTreeView and displaying non US chars

RamsÚs Morales <ramses computer org> writes:
> I want to display ISO-8859-1 characters on a text cell on a GtkTreeView.
> I'm getting this error:
> Invalid UTF8 string passed to pango_layout_set_text()
> The text gets cut where the first character with an accent should
> appear.
> I tried the g_locale_to_UTF8, but it cuts the text before it ends even
> if it is plain US characters.

It would also only work in Latin-1 locales if you passed in a
hardcoded Latin-1 string to this function.

> I tried this:
> gtk_tree_store_set(model, &comment_iter, 6, comment->id, 7,
> g_locale_to_utf8(comment->comment, -1, NULL, NULL, NULL), -1);

If you get the error from g_locale_to_utf8 instead of passing NULL for
the error field, it may give you informative information. See the
GError docs. Also the above is a memleak (as you probably know, I
understand it's test code).

> How can I display european characters?

Convert them to UTF-8. Here is the code:

static char*
latin1_to_utf8 (const char *text)
  GString *str;
  const char *p;
  str = g_string_new ("");

  p = text;
  while (*p)
      g_string_append_unichar (str, *p);

  return g_string_free (str, FALSE);

This takes advantage of the fact that Latin-1 characters are a subset
of Unicode characters. (But the Latin-1 encoding is not a subset of
the UTF-8 encoding.)

You might put a bug in bugzilla to add the above function to the
"Common Questions" section of the reference manual.
> Also, I want the comment to wrap around a fixed column width, instead of
> having the column grow. I tried changing properties on the text cell
> renderer and the tree view column, but no luck.
> How can I do that??

This feature is not implemented yet, I don't think. There should be a
bug in bugzilla if you want to get on the CC list to track progress,
or if not please add such a bug.


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