Ncurses to GTK.

> I am in the process of evaluating GTK for out application. 
> So far this is exactly what we have been looking for.
> At present time we are using ncurses for user interface.
> We wrote wrapper library around ncurses to make it easier to use.
> My idea is to rewrite this library with GTK so it could be a replacement
> for our ncurses library.
> 1.) One thing I have been looking for is a window widget that would allow
> you to do something similar to this:
>   Window.Wprintf(1, 1, "THE NUMBER IS : %3.3d", myNumber);
> Where:
> 1,1 is x,y location.
> Window is the window.
> Wprintf similar to printf in c.
> 2.) Also this is an industrial application where there are bunch of
> switches, air cylinders etc. wired into the PC.
> How would I generate an event if a switch is pressed.
> Thanks 
> Andy R.

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