Ncurses to GTK.

I am in the process of evaluating GTK for out application. 
So far this is exactly what we have been looking for.

At present time we are using ncurses for user interface.
We wrote wrapper library around ncurses to make it easier to use.
My idea is to rewrite this library with GTK so it could be a replacement for
our ncurses library.

1.) One thing I have been looking for is a window widget that would allow
you to do something similar to this:
  Window.Wprintf(1, 1, "THE NUMBER IS : %3.3d", myNumber);
1,1 is x,y location.
Window is the window.
Wprintf similar to printf in c.

2.) Also this is an industrial application where there are bunch of
switches, air cylinders etc. wired into the PC.
How would I generate an event if a switch is pressed.

Andy R.

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