Re: using lookup_widget

>I messed my explaination, I wanted to say, connect a signal to one widget (ex 
>button click) but get access to multiple widgets
>for example in a window with 2 clists, (Tlist an PList), when I click a button
> I want to get pointers to both clists in the callback function. The exact thi
>nk i am seraching for sould be a function like gtk_signal_connect_object(GtkOb
>ject,signal,GtkSignalFunc,GTK_OBJECT1,GTK_OBJET2,....etc) you see ?

typedef struct _mything {
	MyType1 *thing1;
	MyType2 *thing2;
} mything;

mything something;

something.thing1 = some_widget;
something.thing2 = some_other_widget;

gtk_signal_connect (GTK_OBJECT(widget), signal, func, &something);

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