Re: Problem with national char


Michal Ociepka <M Ociepka netsync pl> writes:

> I'm using gtk+->2.0
> When I create some widget, for example label, and then :
> gtk_label_set_text(....., "here is some char ISO8859-2, european-polish")
> Program receive fail:
> Invalid UTF8 string passwed to pango_layout_set_text.
> Can You tell me how can I change language to ISO8859-2 (pl_PL)

there is no way to do this. All strings in GTK+-2.0 _must_ be UTF-8
encoded. Glib-2.0 provides the necessary functions to convert from
other encodings to UTF-8 in case you really need to do that.

Salut, Sven

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