Not preserving order in chained list of hash table Any consequences

Hello  list participants

As I see from following code excerpt from g_hash_table_resize():

  for (i = 0; i < hash_table->size; i++)
    for (node = hash_table->nodes[i]; node; node = next)
        next = node->next;

        hash_val = (* hash_table->hash_func) (node->key) % new_size;

        node->next = new_nodes[hash_val];
        new_nodes[hash_val] = node;
order of entries in the appropriate chained list is not preserved while
resizing the table. All entries in the list are linked to the head of the list
one after another. So one can even say that the chained list is reversed.

My questions:
1) Am I right with my view of the matter ?
If the first question is answered with "yes"
  1a) Can violation of order lead to some unpleasant consequencies
      for application programmer supposing some particular order of elements
      in chained list?
  1b) Should probably the notice be made in source code that the order is not

Yours sincerly
Ariel Burbaickij

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