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Venkat Ramakrishnan wrote:
> I have an application for UI for mediaplayer on Linux.
> The application runs fine and shows all colours when
> my color depth is set to 16. But when I change the colour
> depth of my machine to 8 it shows only black colours
> and no other colours. What could be the problem.
> I am using gdk_draw_line() and gdk_draw_rgb_image()
> function for drawing.

Hi Venkat, you're probably just running out of colours :-( try closing 
some other applications and trying again.

If you're using gtk1.2, you could try adding

   gdk_rgb_set_min_colors( 64 );

in your startup code. This changes the size of the cube that gdkrgb 
dithers to. Smaller values will use fewer colours, but look worse.


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