Re: Key bindings (kill line, kill word, etc)


"Scott A. McIntyre" <scott xs4all nl> writes:

> I think that I've boiled down a problem I've been having with X-Chat 1.9
> which uses GTK2 to "something" with my gtk2 configuration, but despite
> days of looking through archives and FAQ's I've not seen anyone else
> report
> The problem is pretty simple.  I can't ^u to kill a line in X-Chat.  All
> of the "standard" key bindings for killing a line, word, etc, that I'm
> used to and somehow currently work under gtk1 are ignored under two. 

it's in the README:

   - Emacs keybindings such as Control-A and Control-E to move to the
     ends of lines are not enabled by default in the editing widgets. To
     turn on Emacs keybindings, add the line:

      gtk-key-theme-name = "Emacs"
     To your ~/.gtkrc-2.0

Salut, Sven

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