Re: Right mouse clicks

>Question to Gtk+ developers:
>Why don't you supply any signals for handling right or middle mouse
>clicks on widgets? They're partially supported by Gtk+ itself, but
>adding user-defined actions to buttons different than left is a pain in
>the ass and requires lots of signal handling for every single widget. I
>think that widgets such as TreeView, TreeView's columns' headers,
>buttons and many many other should have built-in signals for that.
>And until that is implemented, what's the easiest suggested way to
>handle such clicks for a TreeView for example?

i don't really know why you feel this way:

  gint button_release_handler (GdkEventButton *event) 
     switch (event->button) { 
     case 1:
         printf ("button 1 (probably left) was clicked\n");
     case 2:
         printf ("button 2 (probably middle) was clicked\n");
     case 3:
         printf ("button 3 (probably right) was clicked\n");
         printf ("button %d was clicked\n", event->button);
     return TRUE;

connect this to the relevant widget's "button_release" event and
continue from there. AFAIK, its no easier to connect "user-defined
actions" to right button clicks than it is to any other button clicks:
GTK+ doesn't provide any particular method for doing this. By
user-defined, I understand you to mean things that the user (not
programmer) wants a button click to do.


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