Key bindings (kill line, kill word, etc)


I think that I've boiled down a problem I've been having with X-Chat 1.9
which uses GTK2 to "something" with my gtk2 configuration, but despite
days of looking through archives and FAQ's I've not seen anyone else

The problem is pretty simple.  I can't ^u to kill a line in X-Chat.  All
of the "standard" key bindings for killing a line, word, etc, that I'm
used to and somehow currently work under gtk1 are ignored under two. 

This then extends to iso-8859-15 charset key combinations as well, such
as € (Euro symbol) and so on.  No GTK2 application seems to be aware of
these key combinations.

I'm sure this is a trivial problem to resolve, but if anyone can give me
the appropriate pointer to where the solution can be found, I'd be quite



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