Re: GTK+ 2.0.3 compat with previous 1.2.10

Am Son, 2002-06-02 um 19.58 schrieb Paulo J. Matos:
> Hi all,
> I have GTK+ 1.2.10 installed, and I'm willing to update. I wish
> to know if I remove previous gtk+ version and install 2.0.3, will
> all apps using gtk+ 1.2.10 work with 2.0.3?
No Gtk+2 isn`t source or binary compatible with 1.2 Apps. But you could 
install Gtk2 and Gtk1.2 parallel so you could build Gtk2.0 Apps (Gnome 2
for example) and run your Gtk+1.2 apps.

Hope this helps
Andreas Scherf
ICQ: 52910964
scherfa web de

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