Title: GtkItemFactoryEntry

Im trying to create an array structure of GtkItemFactoryEntry it looks like the following

static GtkItemFactoryEntry menu_items[] =


    {"/_File", "<control>f", NULL, 0, "<Branch>"},

    {"/File/sep1", NULL, NULL, 0, "<Separator>"},

    {"/File/Quit", "<control>q", myQuit, 0, NULL},

    {"/_Level", NULL, NULL, 0, "<Branch>"},

    {"/Level/_Up", "<control>p", handle_level_up, 0, NULL},

    {"/Level/_Down", "<control>d", handl_level_down, 0, NULL},

    {"/_Update", NULL, NULL, 0, "<Branch>"},

    {"/Update/_Date", NULL, handle_update_date, 0, NULL},

    {"/Update/_All", "<control>u", handle_update, 0, NULL},

    {"/_Filter", "<control>l", handle_filter, 0, "<Branch>"},

    {"/_Export", "<control>e", handle_export, 0, "<Branch>"},

    {"/_Mode", "<control>m", NULL, 0, "<LastBranch>"},

    {"/Mode/_Graph", "<control>g", handle_switch, NULL},

    {"/Mode/_Table", "<control>t", handle_switch, NULL},

    {"/Mode/_TSeries", "<control>s", handle_switch, NULL},


with the callback functions declared as

func (gpointer data, guint notused, GtkWidget* w);

however I get the msg

Cannot use void(*)(gpointer,unsigned,_GtkWidget*) to initialize extern "C" void(*)()

i noticed GtkItemFactoryEntry is declared as

struct GtkItemFactoryEntry


  gchar *path;

  gchar *accelerator;

  GtkItemFactoryCallback callback;

  guint                  callback_action;

  gchar          *item_type;



with GtkItemFactoryCallback being void(*)

but in the documentation, it says

gtk_item_factory_create_items ()  takes an array of GtkItemFactoryEntrys whose callback members must by of type GtkItemFactoryCallback1

am I missing something, how does gtk_item_factory_create_items require the func to be of a different type than is declared in the GtkItemFactoryEntry structure?

Thank you,


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