Re: Plot widgets

Ralph Walden wrote:

Does anyone have any experience with using the GtkPlot
widget (from GtkExtra) on an SGI?

I planned to use it - but it was definentely not okay for a oscilloscope.

My first impression of GtkExtra is that it is buggy and
slow.  The development does not seem very active.

Doesn't anyone else use GTK need plotting widgets?
Is this the "official" package of such widgets?

In my impression: It's extra and not official. Plotwidgets are
always optimized for one application.

Any comments?

yes, I have one comment ...

GtkPlot is a widget to make nice plots (not fast plots!)
Try the realtime example - it's even on a GHz box too slow.
But it has some nice features ...

GtkDatabox is the fast one (but for many applications not
nice enough). It's the one I use - but maybe your application
is not a oscilloscope ...

If both widgets are too extreme for you, write your own one.
I found so far nothing in between - only some special widgets
for audio samples etc.
And not to forget: the mesa thing for OpenGL (that rocks ...).


b.t.w.: we are in the wrong thread ...

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