Threads problem

Hi all,
   I have this problem regarding threads. In a popup widget, I have attached 
the callback below to one of the buttons. If successful, it will run the 
"else" part of the codes. In the "runServer ( )" routine, I will call two 
threads to run a tcp_server and a udp_server module both of which are polling 
continuous for incoming connections. The problem is that when I pressed the 
button when everything is OK (i.e it jumps to the "else" part), my 
application will get stuck at that window. 

  The threads are causing problem but I do not know how to solve this. Can 
anybody help?

onTM_port_clicked                      (GtkButton       *button,
                                                  gpointer         user_data)
	GtkWidget *tm_window, *pop;

	tm_window = create_tm_end_window ();
      	if ((tcp_lport < 5000 || udp_lport < 5000) || (tcp_lport == udp_lport))
	        pop = create_popup ();
         	        gtk_widget_show (pop);

         	        gtk_widget_show (tm_window);
      	        gtk_widget_destroy (user_data);
	        runServer(tcp_lport, udp_lport);

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