Re: GtkObject in gnome-utils/Gnome-Calculator

"Yogeesh MB" <yogeeshappa mathighatta wipro com> writes:
> In gnome-utils/Gnome-calculator has both GTK_OBJECT_CLASS destroy call
> :gnome_calc_destroy(GtkObject * gobject),  and G_OBJECT_CLASS finalize
> :gnome_calc_finalize(GObject * gobject).
> GTK_OBJECT_CLASS is deprecated and there is no destroy call in
> G_OBJECT_CLASS.  I would like to know why the destroy call is still
> retained. Isn't finalize a substitute for destroy?

GtkObject and gtk_object_destroy aren't marked deprecated in my copy
of GTK. These are still needed in many cases.

finalize means free memory; destroy means return the widget to an
uninitialized state, e.g. removing any container-child relationships.


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