Re: 30bit colordepth

 --- Rob Wilkens <robw optonline net> wrote: > I don't know about you guys, but my
Microsoft Windows installation has,
> for the longest time, supported 32-bit color mode.  There was a time in
> the past where it supported 24-bit color mode only, but since more than
> two years ago if not four or more, it has run at 32-bit color depth.
> I know gtk is primarily a unix widget system, but I thought like Qt its
> greater goal was cross-platform support.
> Windows, according to :
> Supports this by using "A2B10G10R10", which means a 2-bit alpha color
> (darkness), then 10 bits for each of red, green, and blue.

GTK uses for a lot of things the A8R8G8B8 model, losing 6 bits of alpha to gain 
2 bits for colour primares would probably not be a good idea. It will also become
useless whenever the cards go to 12 bits. So you are essentialy better off (i think
the marketing work is future proof) by not trying for a workaround and just biting
the bullet and going to higher bit-depth.

> Just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents worth of information to this
> discussion.
> -Rob

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