Re: A big bug of gtk2 ?

I don't have this problem with gedit, I olso haven't this problem with
my own program.

El vie, 30-08-2002 a las 19:24, mili escribió:
> Hello, Everybody 
>     I find perhaps a big bug of gtk2. In any program made by gtk2, the input  
> widget such as entry/gtktextview can't accept char '<', when you try to input  
> a '<' in it, a '>' will be displayed!!!!! And in the same system, there's no  
> problem with QT/KDE program. I tested it on Redhat 7.3/7.3.93 and Madrake  
> 9.0b2, whatever GNome or KDE desktop. 
>     To confirm it, you can simply open a GEdit program, and try to input '<'. 
>     I wrote a test program to test it, and found that when press Shift+(key of  
> <'), the key_pressed signal was received twice, the first returns a keyvalue  
> of 60, and the second a keyvalue of 62. So there's must something wrong with  
> gtk2 package. 
>     Please response me if you get the same result. 
>     Yours, 
>     mili 
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