Re: GtkComboBox: How to be notified of selection

On 02 Aug 2002, Lars Clausen wrote:
> I'm using a GtkComboBox in Dia for zoom selection.  I can't quite get it
> to behave the way I'd like.  It ought to be that when the user selects an
> item from the drop-down list (making the drop-down disappear), the zoom
> amount should be updated.  However, I haven't found a signal that will
> tell me that the user made his or her final selection.  "select-child"
> and "selection-changed" from the GtkList is called while the mouse is
> dragged over the items.  "unmap", "hide" and "unrealize" don't get
> called.  I don't want the user to have to press Enter after selecting
> from the menu, that's all.  What should I do?

In the end, I dropped the ComboBox and changed to combined Entry and Button
with menu-popup.  Works just the way the ComboBox should have.


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