Re: Sr. GTK Systems Programmer - US - NY - New York

Mark Mielke <mark mark mielke cc> writes:

> I do not see this mailing list as a job posting forum. I am commenting
> on this, because I think I have seen this exact posting 3 or more times
> already in the last couple of months. If every company posted job openings
> to this mailing list, it would be very annoying. Therefore, it does not
> make sense that one company would get special treatment by being allowed
> to post, where the postings of others would be frowned upon.
> Please post your job openings on more traditional, and designated forums.
> Yes, I know you want somebody who is really good, and those people tend
> to be on one of the gtk-* lists, however, it isn't right, and it shouldn't
> be done.


I discussed this with other members of the GTK+ team when the issue
first came up, and we decided that job postings to this list were, in
fact, appropriate. (With conventions like putting the location in the
subject line.)

gtk-list is meant to list for discussions about GTK+ that don't belong
on one of the other mailing lists. If job postings ended up being a
significant fraction of the posts on this list, then we would create a
separate gtk-jobs-list; but that is clearly not yet needed.

On the other hand, weekly reposting is almost certainly not
appropriate. The rate of turnover on subscriptions to this list is
just not that high.

I'm not sure what figure we should use... I think once every two
months is probably OK.


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