Re: Sr. GTK Systems Programmer - US - NY - New York

I do not see this mailing list as a job posting forum. I am commenting
on this, because I think I have seen this exact posting 3 or more times
already in the last couple of months. If every company posted job openings
to this mailing list, it would be very annoying. Therefore, it does not
make sense that one company would get special treatment by being allowed
to post, where the postings of others would be frowned upon.

Please post your job openings on more traditional, and designated forums.

Yes, I know you want somebody who is really good, and those people tend
to be on one of the gtk-* lists, however, it isn't right, and it shouldn't
be done.

Thank you,

On Wed, Aug 07, 2002 at 07:55:57AM -0400, Donna M. Carroll wrote:
> POSITION: Senior GTK Systems Programmer
> LOCATION: New York, NY
> JOB TYPE: Permanent, In-house
> JOB ID #: MA32-882 
> Our client, an international news and media organization, is seeking a Senior GTK Systems Programmer. Developer must have intimate familiarity with GTK and Gnome internals and implementation, and provide guidance in porting GTK to a proprietary (read: non-X) network-based windowing API, making widget construction more accessible to the average programmer, and building out a proprietary window manager API. Candidate should also be familiar with Bonobo, to provide guidance in building out a COM/CORBA-like component architecture for widgets. 
> Minimum requirement of 5 years IT experience, 10 or more years preferred. Must have 5+ years C/C++ development experience with substantive experience with GTK internals and GTK application development. BS in Computer Science, EE, or Mathematics required. 
> This Manhattan client has an excellent reputation in the industry for treating their employees well, staying current with technology, and providing opportunities for professional growth. They are also a strong example of growth, stability, and diversity. They are, however, extremely selective and strive to hire only the best and the brightest. Therefore, you will only be considered if your qualifications include all of the required skills/experience. LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY please. Client will only consider U.S. Citizens or Permanent Residents at this time.
> If you or anyone you know is interested in this position, please send your resume to Donna M. Carroll, CPC at Donna Carroll ITNationwide com   Or, feel free to call me at 413-258-4511.
> Great success to everyone in all of your career endeavors!
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