I have a problem with using table containers in gtk2. The thing is I
would like to be able to insert and remove rows in the table at runtime.
Currently I can only add a row to the end the table. But I would like to
be able to insert and remove a row in the middle of the table.

I have tried using gtk_widget_destroy on the elements in the row and it
seems that the row is removed, but I presume that the row is still there
and I just can't see it? I would think that it should be possible to
move the rest of the rows upwards, but when I try to use
gtk_table_attach to move the elements upwards I get a runtime error.

So actually what I'm looking for is a kind of reattach method that would
allow me to move any element onto an empty field in the table or a field
where I just destroyed the previous element.

Or in short:
How do I insert/remove rows into/from the middle of a table.

Best regards
Egon Andersen

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