[glib/gtk] (2) inline problem on OSF V5.1A


I forgot to include the respective part of the glib.h file:

1543 /* we use a GLib function as a replacement for ATEXIT, so
1544  * the programmer is not required to check the return value
1545  * (if there is any in the implementation) and doesn't encounter
1546  * missing include files.
1547  */
1548 void	g_atexit		(GVoidFunc    func);
1551 /* Bit tests
1552  */
1553 G_INLINE_FUNC gint	g_bit_nth_lsf (guint32 mask,
1554 				       gint    nth_bit);
1555 #ifdef	G_CAN_INLINE
1556 G_INLINE_FUNC gint
1557 g_bit_nth_lsf (guint32 mask,

^^^^ line number

here again a part of the error messages:

cc: Error: /usr/local/include/glib.h, line 1554: Missing ";". (nosemi)
G_INLINE_FUNC gint      g_bit_nth_lsf (guint32 mask,
Description: The compiler was expecting a semicolon, but one was not found.
User Action: Correct the program syntax.
cc: Info: /usr/local/include/glib.h, line 1554: "inline" is a keyword in the C99 revision of the C standard.  Using it as an identifier will prevent your program from conforming to that standard. (futurekeywd2)
G_INLINE_FUNC gint      g_bit_nth_lsf (guint32 mask,
Description: The token inline has been selected as a keyword in the C99 release of the C standard.  Because the program uses it as an identifier, the program will not conform to that standard.
User Action: Change the name of the identifier.

the other error messages as of the earlier message are just the same thing...



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