Re: does there exist a "graph" widget say to do math plots in GTK+?


Thanks.  I checked this out and downloaded it.
It is a program with configure scripts and everything.
I don't know if I require a single file that
defines a plotting function/widget rather than a
full app.

What is the diff? Well I need to eventually port this
program to Win32 and other places.  I'm afraid if I get
dependent on a "real app" like GtkDataBox I won't be
able to port app to various places.

Does this make sense?  I don't suppose any of these
plotting programs are available as 2 little files?...
.c file and a .h file?

Basically I just need the interface.



On Thu, Aug 01, 2002 at 06:22:55AM -0400, Paul Davis wrote:
> >I wrote code in expose handler to draw and update
> >4 scientific graphs in GTK+....
> >
> >I am getting bogged down in calculating positions
> >and sizes of ticks, borders, axes labels, etc.
> >
> >Surely there must be a graph widget to escape all this
> >low level tediousness in GTK+?
> google for GtkDataBox. its not perfect, but its pretty good.
> --p
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