Having trouble with GModule and glib 2.0.4

I'm having trouble with my GTK application that uses GModule to load
plugins. It worked fine with gtk 1.2.10/glib 1.2.10. I just ported the
GUI to GTK 2.0.5/glib 2.0.4 and program variables looked up from within
the plugin aren't resolving correctly. Here is some printf output from
within the plugin and from the GUI:

flac_encode_sfont(in GUI)=&0x80cb56c
flac_encode_sfont(in plugin_flac)=&0x4070f8f4

The address 0x4070f8f4 is in the plugin (checked /proc/pid/maps).
flac_encode_sfont is defined as such in the GUI program:

int (*flac_encode_sfont)(IPSFont *sf, char *flac_fname);

Any ideas as to what could be causing this? Please CC me as I'm not on
the list. Cheers.
	Josh Green

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