Re: drawing area resizes when rulers are added or removed

Deborah Swayne <dfs research att com> writes:
> I've got a window containing a menubar and a drawing area.
> Sometimes it has axes -- which are gtk_ext_{v,h}rulers.
> The containers in use are a vbox and a table.
> The size of the window is based on the size of the drawing
> area, which is set using gtk_drawing_area_size().
> If a user reduces the size of the window, and then adds or
> removes the axes, the window suddenly resumes its original
> size, as set by gtk_drawing_area_size().  This is pretty  
> unfriendly behavior, of course.
> This does not happen if the user increases the size of the
> window.
> Any thoughts?

Fool with gtk_window_set_policy(); you may have auto_shrink turned on
for example?


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