Re: Focussed vs. prelighted widgets

Owen Taylor (otaylor redhat com) wrote:
> Simon Budig <Simon Budig unix-ag org> writes:
> > IMHO there should be a FOCUSSED state equivalent to the PRELIGHT
> > state for the gtkrc. The only problem I can see is, that a widget
> > might be focussed *and* prelighted and thus GTK has to select,
> > which one to use. I'd suggest prelight, since focussed widgets
> > still have the black border.
> You can do a lot via a theme in GTK+-2.0. The default style
> of focused widgets is also different - a Windows-style dotted
> rectangle for buttons, etc.

Which makes it even more invisible...  :-)

Is there a real reason, why I have to use a theme engine? I'm interested
if there are fundamental reasons, why it is not possible to change the
colors of focussed widgets / "FOCUSSED" is not a real state

Or is this just a "We are in an api-freeze, please no new binary-
incompatibility-introducing-idease please"-reply?   :-)))

      Simon Budig unix-ag org

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