Marshalling CClosures

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Is there something special I need to do to a CClosure to make it work?
While trying to GClosureize libbonobo's API in the last minute, I tried
using this construct:
	    (BONOBO_OBJREF (es),
	     g_cclosure_new (G_CALLBACK (event_cb), mask, NULL),
	     mask, &ev);

(bonobo_event_source_client_add_listener's second argument is a plain
However, when trying to invoke the closure via
		g_closure_invoke (listener->priv->event_callback,
I get the following error message:

(process:23945): GRuntime-CRITICAL **: file gclosure.c: line 420
(g_closure_invoke): assertion `closure->marshal || closure->meta_marshal'

Looking at g_cclosure_new I indeed have no idea where the marshaller
should be set for CClosures, so I guess the warning is right -- but how do
I fix it?

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